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Safety at InfraBuild

In our InfraBuild strategy we have set ourselves a safety goal of < 2 TRIFR (Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate) by 2025.

We have a roadmap to get us there called – WRIB Safe.

All of our safety actions and behaviours are underpinned by our ‘Be GFG Safe’ global strategy to ensure that every employee returns home fit and well at the end of each workday.

By working together as one team, with respect for one another, we build our safety culture. We take the time to do things safely, to intervene, and to speak up when we notice a risk or hazard.

At InfraBuild, we believe one injury is too many.


Our four safety pillars

InfraBuild has four safety pillars to support our strategy – enabling performance, critical incident prevention, interdependent safety culture, and fit for work & fit for life.


Enabling Performance

We constantly review our processes, procedures, tools and performance to identify and correct deviations and eliminate waste.

By promoting organisational learning and identifying best practice we inform the continuous development of our policies and standards.

We believe that everything can be improved, our holistic Health & Safety Assurance Program guides us to focus on our critical risks, critical safety behaviors and safety maturity as indicators to measure and inform our actions towards achieving world class safety outcomes.


Critical incident prevention

We maintain a strong focus and discipline on identifying and allocating resources to manage low likelihood but high consequence events through our process safety management processes, fatal risk standards and our behavioural Life Savers.


Interdependent safety culture

We empower our employees across our operations. to stop any job if it is not safe and work together to make it safe to proceed.

We work to develop a safety culture of shared vigilance where everyone takes ownership of their own safety and that of their colleagues.


Fit for work & fit for life

We are committed to increasing the health and wellness of our employees through our occupational health strategies, health surveillance and working to reduce/control physical and chemical exposures in the workplace.

Our Life Savers

Our Life Savers are a consistent group of life-saving behaviours covering over 80% of our critical incidents. They form part of the critical incident prevention safety pillar.

The Life Savers reinforce the behaviours we want our people to follow, so everyone can return home safely at the end of the day. They have been developed after a review of the critical incidents in our business and worldwide fatal incident trends.

  • Over 80% of our critical incidents are covered by these Life Savers.
  • The Life Savers apply to everyone: employees, contractors, service suppliers and visitors.
  • The Life Savers are intended to develop unconscious safety behaviours.If you observe someone failing to follow a Life Saver, you must intervene if it is safe to do so.
  • Where you consider a task cannot be carried out safely, do not commence and do not continue to perform the task.
InfraBuild Life Savers