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InfraBuild Steel Centre supplies a variety of bar section products, including: steel round bar; square bar; flat bar; PFC (parallel flange channel); and equal and unequal angles. InfraBuild Steel Centre’s range of bar sections meet the relevant Australian Standards and are suitable for use in engineering construction, residential and non-residential construction, mining infrastructure, transport and storage, and manufacturing applications.

We sell a wide range of high-quality tubular steel products from our 34 branches nation-wide including CHS, RHS and SHS tubular product. We are the country’s leading integrated length-based steel manufacturer and supplier, serving businesses in the construction, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, mining, and infrastructure industries across Australia. InfraBuild Steel Centre always aims to supply consistent high-quality tubular product to our customers. The tubular steel products we supply are compliant to the relevant Australian and International Standards.

SHS, RHS and CHS tubular galvanised steel products

Square (SHS), rectangular (RHS) and circular (CHS) hollow steel sections are available in various durable galvanised finishes, including DuraGal®, DuraGal® Plus and standard hot-dip galvanised.

● DuraGal® – This option has an average coating mass of 100 grams per square metre on both interior and exterior walls as a tubular section.

● DuraGal® Plus – DuraGal® Plus is applied internally and externally with a minimum coating mass of 100 grams per square metre. (Duragal plus has a clear coat applied which enhances powder coating opportunities)

● Standard hot dip galvanised – Our hot-dip galvanised CHS steel has an average coating mass of 300 grams per square metre, providing outstanding corrosion protection in a wide variety of demanding environments.

Painted SHS, RHS and CHS tubular steel products

Painted SHS, RHS and CHS are primer painted at our facilities to provide protection while they are handled and in storage. The paint we use is an alkyd modified acrylic primer, which is applied at an average thickness of 8-10 microns.

For fire protection systems, we also stock DuraPrimed™ Red CHS Steel, which is ideal for fire industry topcoats.

CHS with a mineral-based finish

For customers wanting to perform their own galvanising or painting, we supply black CHS steel. Black CHS comes with a mineral-based finish suitable for benign environments. The mineral based finish can be removed before fabrication with kerosene or an alkali solution if preferred.

All tubular products available in a range of sizes

Whether you’re interested in DuralGal® Plus RHS and SHSDuraGal® Plus CHS or DuraGal® RHS and SHS, we can supply what you need. We stock a wide range of sizes and offer a cut to length service to all of our customers in Australia. Additional processing services we offer include drilling, mitre cutting and stamping. For further information about these range of services, please contact your nearest InfraBuild Steel Centre branch.

Tubular steel, delivered to site

We offer a competitive delivery service across our range of our tubular steel products throughout Australia. For more details on this service, please discuss with your nearest InfraBuild Steel Centre branch. With over 34 branches around the country, we can arrange and organise deliveries on time to meet your schedule directly to your site. All of this at an economical price.

Other steel products

In addition to tubular sections, we also distribute structural steel columns, angles, beams and channels, along with bar sections and steel plates. These products are manufactured at our Australian mills.

Whether you’re interested in tubular steel, steel plates, structural steel columns or any other of our industrial steel products, please don’t hesitate to contact your local InfraBuild Steel Centre today. Our specialists will be happy to discuss your requirements.