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Delivering strength to Commercial Construction

Image Credit: 271 Spring Street via JWA, PBennetts

For over 100 years, InfraBuild has partnered with Australia’s premier builders and fabricators to build our nation’s high-rises, hospitals, universities, stadiums and shopping centres.

We offer more than just steel. Whether you’re building to an expedited construction schedule, aiming for elusive sustainability targets, or require advanced logistic solutions, InfraBuild partners with you from the early stages of your project to help optimise and deliver your commercial construction. We provide technical expertise and specialised project management to ensure the best outcome for your commercial construction.

Reinforcing Products and Services

As part of the fully integrated InfraBuild steel supply chain, InfraBuild Reinforcing is uniquely positioned to partner with Australia’s major construction firms to provide premium Australian-made steel. Our operations are scalable to meet your needs, and with reinforcing processing and fabrication facilities in most states and territories, we’re always close to market.

Bespoke prefabricated solutions deliver numerous benefits, ranging from reducing on-site steelfixing, and accelerating construction programs, to minimising safety risks to workers and reducing congestion. InfraBuild Reinforcing works with your project team to identify these valuable opportunities early and continually throughout construction to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

From a range of logistic solutions to professional digital detailing, when you partner with InfraBuild you partner with a reinforcing supplier who can optimise steel usage, improve project efficiency and assure buildability from early in the design phase and through the entire construction phase. Our expert Project Managers will not only keep your project on track but will work with you to deliver unique reinforcing solutions to add value to your project.

Steel and Metals Products and Services

Our fully certified Steel and Metal products enable unprecedented design flexibility for commercial construction. As projects like 300 George Street illustrate, structural steel can not only be used in place of traditional concrete construction but also make elaborate structures like 271 Spring Street’s cantilevered design possible. Steel not only delivers strength but unlocks unique aesthetics for your project. InfraBuild steel can make your commercial tower stand out in a skyline full of high-rises.

We’ve built long-term relationships with Australia’s leading fabricators. As their trusted partner we supply quality, fully certified Australian manufactured steel backed by the power of the InfraBuild integrated supply chain. This unique capability ensures we can work closely with our manufacturing streams to secure the volume supply required for commercial construction. Moreover, our comprehensive supply chain ensures the steel we supply is fully traceable: whether it’s sustainability, ethical sourcing, or quality control, all our products can be traced.

Our experience supplying significant commercial construction developments means InfraBuild is equipped to meet your project requirements. We appreciate that one delay in your delivery schedule can significantly impact your entire fabrication program. Our experienced account managers are available to work alongside your fabrication team to ensure project status is aligned and that you’re supported throughout your commercial project.

Metals Recycling Services

InfraBuild has a range of bin types and sizes to suit your commercial needs. We offer efficient and friendly service to your business, ensuring you get the right bin for the job.

Contact your nearest InfraBuild Recycling Branch to arrange your commercial metal recycling service.

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