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Yunggorendi Cultural Gathering Space

InfraBuild Port Adelaide was recently involved in supplying steel product for the construction of the Yunggoorendi Cultural Gathering Space, a significant project for Flinders University.

Yunggorendi is a name gifted by Kaurna Elders, which means to 'Impart Knowledge, To Communicate, and To Inform'.

InfraBuild worked closely with our customer Bargain Steel Centre who completed the fabrication work, while the project builder was Sarah Constructions.

The Cultural Gathering Space is for Yunggorendi Mande and has finally been completed after 30 years of planning, with the design work carried out by Wax Design.

Providing a space for cultural, learning and ceremonial activities, the site consists of a range of amphitheater decks which frame a large compacted sand ceremonial space. A shallow exposed aggregate concrete fire pit is centred in the space. The large circular space is deliberately located in the centre of the site and can be viewed from all angles.

The remainder of the site provides a range of exposed, sheltered and private spaces with the retention and protection of all existing trees during the construction. When not in use the fire pit is protected with a steel lid, patterned with a representation of culturally significant Kaurna locations.

The cultural space was formed through a series of fibre reinforced plastic mesh desks which provide access across the steep site for people of all abilities. The mesh decks also allow sunlight, rain to reach the ground below; enabling re-vegetation of the site.

Located on Kaurna land, the space was only achievable, said Wax Designs through an inclusive, respectful and collaborative process with the local Indigenous elders and First Nation people.

InfraBuild Port Adelaide supplied in total approximately 6 tonnes of steel, which included plate, angle and PFC to our customer the Bargain Steel Centre. The project was facilitated by Wax Design, a multidisciplinary landscape architecture studio based in Adelaide.

Thanks for Bargain Steel Centre and Wax Design for the photos and imagery and allowing us to be part of this project.

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