InfraBuild Reinforcing supplies a comprehensive range of bar chairs. Sourced from InfraBuild’s reliable network of suppliers, our quality range of bar chairs conform to AS/NZS 2425 Bar chairs in reinforced concrete – Product requirements and test methods.

What is a Bar Chair?

Bar chairs are a spacer used to set the reinforcing bar and reinforcing mesh to the correct position in a variety of steel reinforcement applications, preventing exposure to the environment.

Bar Chair Quotes

Our expert team of estimators and schedulers can produce a complete take off of your reinforcing needs based on your submitted drawings, including the recommended type and quantities of bar chair for your project. Submit a quote request today and our team will get back to you with a comprehensive take off and quote price.

Types of Bar Chairs

We stock a wide variety of bar chairs, suitable for every concrete application. You can depend on InfraBuild Reinforcing to have the right bar chair for your needs.

Plastic bar chairs are the most common spacer used to set reinforcing bar and mesh to the correct position within the concrete. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and heights.

Concrete block chairs are used as a high-load spacer in steel reinforcement projects. Heat resistant and designed with a flat base to eliminate tilting and rolling, our range of concrete block chairs provide appropriate concrete cover of the reinforcing. Available in plain or galvanized tie wire, wide variety of sizes and multiple heights.

Metal Bar Chairs assist with providing the appropriate concrete cover as per specifications by design engineers. Our extensive range of Metal Bar Chairs include Metal Bases, Trench Mesh Spacers (Bogar), Plastic-tipped Metal Bar Chair & Top Hat Bases.

Fibre Concrete Spacers & Bars are used to assist with providing the appropriate concrete cover as per specifications by design engineers. InfraBuild Construction Solutions Australia’s premier supplier of fibre concrete spacers and bars, Max Frank offers products to meet horizontal and vertical reinforcement needs.