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Australia's Energy Infrastructure built on Australian Steel

InfraBuild has a proven track record in supplying quality, Australian manufactured steel solutions to energy projects located in even the most remote parts of Australia.

From Spring Mountain NSW, to Mount Emerald QLD, and Port Augusta SA, InfraBuild extensive distribution branch footprint and enhanced logistical capability ensures your steel products arrive to site on-time. InfraBuild is partnering with Australia’s leading energy firms to supply steel to the mining infrastructure, wind farms and solar energy parks that will power the nation’s sustainable future.

Windfarm & Solar

Model Assured
Precision Processing
Remote Solutions

Advanced Capability

Part of the fully integrated InfraBuild steel supply chain, InfraBuild's distribution businesses can collaborate with our upstream manufacturing mills to scale up production to meet your wind farm project requirements.

Heavy Bar

of large volumes of heavy bar when required. Additionally, our quality assurance processes and ability to manufacture tight tolerances from our production facilities ensures your processed bars fit together perfectly on-site.

Specialised Plate

InfraBuild can supply large quantities of specialised plate for required for wind turbine towers in a range of grades.


Logistic Solutions

Working with InfraBuild Reinforcing early in the project planning phase allows our team to identify improvements to project efficiency through logistic solutions. Our logistic solutions include fully loaded trailer bases dropped on-site, custom delivery containment equipment, multiple drop sites for single loads, off-site storage options and detailed sequencing to guarantee there is no disruption to supply.

Modelling Services

Our digital detailing experts work alongside your design and project delivery teams, assisting in identification of clashes involving reinforcement and surrounding services, thereby ensuring all elements fit neatly together once delivered on-site. When you partner with InfraBuild Reinforcing you partner with a reo supplier who understands the needs of your project and delivers custom reinforcing solutions to ensure your project runs efficiently.

Supplying Australia's Renewable Energy Projects


Mt Emerald Wind Farm

Location: Arriga

Tonnage: 2 250

Producing: 180.5 Megawatts

Powering: 85 000 houses


Coopers Gap Wind Farm

Location: Jandowae

Tonnage: 6 000

Producing: 453 Megawatts

Powering: 264 000 houses


Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

Location: Stockyard Hill

Producing: 530 Megawatts

Powering: 220 000 houses


Mt Emerald Wind Farm

Location: Arriga

Tonnage: 2 250

Producing: 180.5 Megawatts

Powering: 85 000 houses


Ararat Wind Farm

Location: Ararat

Tonnage: 2 000

Producing: 240 Megawatts

Powering: 120 000 houses


White Rock Wind Farm

Location: Spring Mountain

Tonnage: 3 500

Producing: 175 Megawatts

Powering: 80 000 houses


100+ Years of Expertise
Solutions Based

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Local Supply

We live and work in regional communities and are well positioned to supply product the MMP (mining, minerals processing) and O&G (oil and gas) energy markets. Our local teams understand the importance of predictability by having the right stock in the right place at the right time. Producing quality materials that are delivered on time as promised for an agreed price. We aim to create value for all our customers through a continuous improvement philosophy and experienced local representation.

Our Customer-Focused Mining Offer

At InfraBuild, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and reducing the stresses on contract managers. We do this by appointing a single point of contact, a corporate relationship manager, from InfraBuild Steel Centre, who will:

  • Manage the contract and communication between the different stakeholders within your Company and InfraBuild
  • Act as a single point of contact at the contract level
  • Act as a facilitator across all programs agreed with you
Partner with the Team who know

InfraBuild Steel Centre can help businesses like yours, which are often cost and time constrained, through our full-service approach for steel and aluminium supply. We offer a package of exclusive tools and resources aimed at adding value to your business through innovation and continuous improvement. Areas of focus include:

  • Customised Service Offer
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Cost-saving Initiative Generation
  • 'Total Cost of Ownership' (TCO) Analysis
  • Product and Service Gap Analysis
  • Undertaking Reporting Requirements
  • Risk Reduction
Our steel is used throughout Mining Operations: from repairs and maintenance to operations and field development.


  • Haulage Shafts 
  • Grinding Circuits 
  • Chutes and Bins


  • Crusher Bins and Chutes 
  • Process Air and Water 
  • Fire Protection


  • Ground Support 
  • Tanks (Storage/Thickeners) 
  • Conveyor Systems 
  • Site Services (Air and Water Management)
  • Tailing Management 
  • Roadside Barriers 

Green/Brown Field Development

  • Exploration 
  • Site Security 
  • Camp Construction 
  • Work Shop Development 
  • Bridges/Causeway/Culverts