InfraBuild's Materiality Assessment

InfraBuild is committed to conducting business to global environmental, social and commercial standards. InfraBuild's 2021 Sustainability Report, highlighted that we would be undertaking a formal Materiality Assessment in 2022.

A Materiality Assessment provides insight, allowing a deeper understanding of important topics from a broad range of key stakeholders and customers, and facilitates engagement across the ESG areas which matter most to them, and hence provide meaningful guidance to our sustainability journey.

Our first formal Materiality Assessment was completed in 2022 with goals to:

  • demonstrate sustainability leadership by engaging key stakeholders in order to understand and prioritise their material issues
  • reduce risk by identifying and prioritising significant areas at an early stage
  • support the already robust foundations of the InfraBuild Sustainability Strategy through a transparent and repeatable stakeholder engagement process
  • tailor our communications around topics that matter most to our stakeholders
  • understand and include climate related risk issues as part of our sustainability report.

In conjunction with thinkstep-anz, InfraBuild undertook a comprehensive process to develop and complete our first Materiality Assessment.

As part of this process, a wide range of key stakeholders, both internal and external, were interviewed to understand their key materials issues and from those interviews develop a combined list of material topics.

Following the interview phase, the issues were narrowed down to 26 ESG topics that were identified as being of key importance to the stakeholders. Two parallel activities were then undertaken, one was an online survey where the 26 ESG topics were presented to both InfraBuild employees and an extensive list of our external customers and key stakeholders, for them to rank. The second activity was the InfraBuild Business Impact Workshop, where InfraBuild’s senior leadership team ranked the 26 topics in terms of the impact from the businesses point of view.

The results of these parallel activities were combined to provide the finished Materiality Matrix and the Materiality Assessment report.

Utilisation of the results, insights and other learnings ensures we have the correct focus on the key material topic

InfraBuild Materiality Assessment Matrix 2022

The six ESG topics in the top right corner in the matrix below have been identified as holding the most value to stakeholders and the highest potential impact on the business.

Whilst InfraBuild will continue to develop initiatives to address all identified issues, particular focus will be applied to the six ESG topics identified below.

materiality assessment infrabuild