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05 July 2022

Soldier On

Looking for alternate sourcing opportunities to fill vacant roles within the InfraBuild recycling team has led to a partnership with the not for profit Soldier On organisation.

29 June 2022

The time to steel ourselves is now

If you were to take a look at the news at the moment, the sky is on the verge of falling.

27 June 2022

InfraBuild supports Queensland’s biggest infrastructure project – Cross River Rail

InfraBuild’s 3D modelling solution provides a critical blueprint for the construction of Cross River Rail’s twin tunnels. It provides detailed analysis of how the processed reinforcing bars fit together. Additionally, it provides built-in product information on every element for reference by Project Engineers and site personnel.

24 June 2022

Scholarships helping to build a sustainable future

Our scholarship program is building a sustainable future for our workforce by supporting the next generation of engineers to enter the steel industry.

23 June 2022

Sydney Steel Mill billet caster conversion a boon at Rooty Hill

Our Sydney Steel Mill has increased the throughput rate of its billet caster after increasing the diameter of its billets, resulting in efficiencies for the business which will flow on to customers.

22 June 2022

Regional towns get new bridges ‘In Quik’ time thanks to ARC tie-up

We have teamed up with an innovative Aussie company, InQuik Bridging Systems, to supply prefabricated modular bridge products in regional communities.

30 May 2022

Our people, our greatest asset

Despite the challenges of ongoing wet weather impacting the eastern Australian states in particular, continuing labour and supply chain issues related to COVID, and geo-political instability, the InfraBuild team are achieving an amazing turnaround for the business, writes our CEO, Vik Bansal.

17 May 2022

Continuous Improvement – Hot taphole jackhammer

The team at our Laverton Mill have commissioned an ingenious system for safer and more efficient taphole changes.

06 May 2022

World Steel Safety Day 2022

As part of our World Steel Safety Day celebrations on 28 April 2022, we recognised 40 of our sites who achieved 5 and 10-year injury free milestones.