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Coupler Solution proves essential to Barangaroo Station delivery

August 30, 2021

Key Information

The complexity of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest’s Barangaroo Station, in addition to the heavy reinforcing used throughout, meant traditional lapped joints would have resulted in excess material wastage. For example, every heavy bar throughout the project would have required over 1400 mm lapping on either end. This would have inflated the project’s total tonnage by 1,800 tonnes. InfraBuild Reinforcing’s team of expert detailers identified Couplers as the best solution to address bar congestion and eliminate potential material wastage from lapping.

Leviat’s Ancon BT system is one of the smallest and the most cost-effective coupler systems when used on large scale, high coupler volume projects. Over 300,000 Ancon BT threads and 130,000 Lock Nuts were used in addition to nearly 150,000 Ancon BT Couplers across the stations supplied by InfraBuild. To meet demand, two Ancon threading machines were commissioned for InfraBuild’s St Mary’s facility. In partnering with Leviat to secure these machines, the InfraBuild team were not only able to streamline the process but also enhance production. At peak, 1,300 Ancon BT threads were processed a day at St Marys. Securing these machines played a key role in scaling production to meet the project’s deadline and was made possible due to InfraBuild’s close relationship with Leviat.

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