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Building Bridges: InfraBuild’s Role in Bridgewater’s Temporary Bridge Project

25 June 2024

The Bridgewater temporary bridge project in Tasmania is a testament to modern engineering and strategic collaboration. InfraBuild is proud to be a key player in this significant infrastructure project. Here’s a closer look at our involvement and the project’s distinctive features.

Our InfraBuild Steel Centre in Launceston has supplied over 1,000 tonnes of 1,200 Welded Beams for the construction of the temporary bridge. Additionally, approximately 40 tonnes of merchant bars from our rod and bar mill are being utilised, showcasing the crucial role of our high-quality steel products in the project.

The construction of the Bridgewater temporary bridge began in November 2022 and was completed in July 2023. This timeline reflects the extensive planning and execution required for such a large-scale project.

BridgePro awarded InfraBuild the contract for several key reasons:

  • Trust and Relationship: A strong, trust-based relationship between BridgePro and InfraBuild.
  • Processing Capabilities: Our Dandenong branch’s ability to efficiently process the 1,200 Welded Beams.
  • Australian Steel: Commitment to supplying high-quality, locally sourced Australian steel.
  • Delivery Service: Reliable, direct delivery service ensuring timely arrival of materials.

Our processing capabilities were a significant factor, with InfraBuild offering cut and drilled 1200 Welded Beams on the Ficep beamline in Dandenong. This capability allowed us to meet BridgePro’s standards and adhere to the project’s strict deadlines. The use of the beamline processed steel realised significant labour savings over conventional fabrication.

This project stands out as the largest that BridgePro has ever undertaken. This milestone marks a significant step forward, setting a new standard for their operations.

Our involvement in the Bridgewater temporary bridge project highlights the importance of high-quality materials, strategic partnerships, and advanced processing capabilities in modern infrastructure projects.

As the permanent bridge nears completion in 2025, the collaborative efforts of all involved promise to leave a lasting impact on Tasmania’s transportation network.

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