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Model Assured 
Precision Processing 
Remote Solutions

InfraBuild Reinforcing has a proven track record in providing effective reinforcing solutions to renewable energy projects located in the most remote parts of Australia.

As Australia looks to a future fuelled by renewables, InfraBuild Reinforcing has worked to become the reinforcing supplier of choice to the energy firms building the windfarms and solar power parks that will power our renewable future. From Spring Mountain, New South Wales, to Mount Emerald, Queensland, and Port Augusta South Australia, InfraBuild Reinforcing has supplied quality, precision processed reinforcing steel to energy projects across Australia.

Advanced Capability

Part of the fully integrated InfraBuild steel supply chain, InfraBuild Reinforcing can collaborate with our upstream production facilities to scale up production of large volumes of heavy bar when required. Additionally, our quality assurance processes and ability to manufacture tight tolerances from our production facilities ensures your processed bars fit together perfectly on-site.

Logistic Solutions

Working with InfraBuild Reinforcing early in the project planning phase allows our team to identify improvements to project efficiency through logistic solutions. Our logistic solutions include fully loaded trailer bases dropped on-site, custom delivery containment equipment, multiple drop sites for single loads, off-site storage options and detailed sequencing to guarantee there is no disruption to supply.

Modelling Services

Our digital detailing experts work alongside your design and project delivery teams, assisting in identification of clashes involving reinforcement and surrounding services, thereby ensuring all elements fit neatly together once delivered on-site. When you partner with InfraBuild Reinforcing you partner with a reo supplier who understands the needs of your project and delivers custom reinforcing solutions to ensure your project runs efficiently.

Energy Sector Case Studies