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InfraBuild announces third quarter financial results

23 May 2022

InfraBuild today announced sustainable progress across all financial metrics, with the business delivering solid financial and operational results for Q3 of the 2022 Financial Year.

Commenting on the results, InfraBuild CEO and Managing Director Vik Bansal said:

“We’ve continued our FY22 record performance with YTD Q3 net revenue of A$4,313 million.”

“While Q3 performance was impacted by external factors, such as wet weather, freight disruptions and COVID-19, we continued our margin expansion compared with last year.

“With key improvements made on YTD safety performance and an increased participation rate in our recent employee engagement survey, management remains focused on providing an engaged and safe workplace.”

Performance highlights

Comparison made with YTD Q3 FY21 results:

  • Net revenue – A$4,313 million up 32%
  • EBITDA – A$452 million up 87%
  • Safety (TRIFR) – improved 22%
  • YTD ROIC % 18%

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