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InfraBuild giving staff the tools to speak up on mental health in the workplace

19 October 2022

As Australian workplaces mark Safe Work Month this October, steelmaker InfraBuild is coaching its staff in ways to check in on their colleagues’ mental wellbeing through a behavioural safety program called Safety Connect.

InfraBuild, which operates in more than 100 communities across the country, is Australia’s largest vertically integrated steel manufacturer with operations spanning recycling, manufacturing and distribution.

InfraBuild’s Head of Health, Safety and Cranes, Fran Nores said the Safety Connect program was underpinned by the importance of creating a workplace culture where staff look out for each other and feel comfortable speaking up on safety.

“It’s about giving our people the tools and skills to be able to identify and respond to error-likely situations,” he said.

“Part of this is being aware of your colleagues’ mental wellbeing both at work and outside of work. Experience tells us that if people are stressed, distracted or having trouble focusing, the risk of an incident increases.

“We understand that people may not always feel comfortable speaking up, which is why the program takes an in-depth look at how to intervene.

“This can be as simple as asking ‘hey, I just want to make sure you are feeling ok?’ or ‘you mentioned at lunch you had some things on your mind, are you ok?’”

InfraBuild Interim CEO and Executive Director Dak Patel said the response to the program had been very strong since it was launched in 2021, with 50 percent more interventions reported compared to the previous year.

It comes as InfraBuild also recorded its best safety performance ever in FY22.

“We have already seen 38 percent of staff complete the Safety Connect program, which far exceeded our expectations, and we are targeting 50 percent participation this year” Mr Patel said.

“It is a credit to Fran and the Safety Team for their hard work in driving a collective belief in our safety vision to help our people and all members of the InfraBuild family to be able to return home safely.”


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