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Delivering the right solution through 3D modelling

20 September 2023

Using computer 3D modelling InfraBuild translates our client’s engineering drawings into three-dimensional shapes (or models) to determine exactly what reinforcing steel is required for our client’s proposed structure.

This allows us to not only deliver the requested reinforcing for the job but also offer innovative technical solutions to ensure the best possible outcome.

Forged over many years, our experience and understanding of the manufacturing process allow us to add unmeasurable value to our customer’s projects.

We also pride ourselves on engaging with everyone involved in the project from steel fixes to form workers, to ensure the right output is delivered to our customers.

Hear more from InfraBuild’s National Scheduling Manager, Ashley Linkewich and Modelling Manager, Scott Peterson, on how our 3D modelling can help deliver the ideal solution for your job.

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