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It just makes SENSE, doing more with less

11 December 2023

InfraBuild has launched an innovative new reinforcing product which will reduce the amount of steel needed to construct buildings, bridges and other infrastructure as we decarbonise the built environment and safeguard Australia’s future.

SENSE 600® optimises higher strength steel and innovative bar design providing a design solution that uses approximately 16.7 percent less raw material yet has the same load capacity as 500N product.

“We’re very pleased to be at forefront of innovation and to advance both our own and the construction industry’s decarbonisation journey,” InfraBuild CEO Francisco Irazusta said.

SENSE 600® with its improved sustainability credentials, provides up to a 35 percent reduction in embodied carbon versus our standard grade reinforcing solution, enabling customers to lower their scope 3 emissions.

Scope 3 emissions are defined as emissions which a company is indirectly responsible for, up and down the value chain and according to Deloitte UK, can account for more than 70 percent of their carbon footprint.

“We’re doing more with less, helping customers build with less materials makes both their business and the built environment more resilient economically and from a climate perspective,” Mr Irazusta said.

With an ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030, InfraBuild is leading the industry in decarbonising its manufacturing processes, using 100 percent scrap in our two EAFs and playing a key role in the circular economy.

“The development of SENSE 600® is another step forward in delivering value to our customers and ensures we’re playing our role in the successful transition to a low emission economy,” Mr Irazusta said.

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