Dextra Griptec® Weldable Couplers – Mechanical Splices


Dextra Griptec® Weldable Couplers – Mechanical Splices

Griptec® is a full-performance (tension, compression, cyclic, fatigue) mechanical splice designed for the connection of concrete rebars (reinforcing bars). When the rebars cannot be rotated or be brought butt to butt, a steel Griptec® 'bridging assembly' can be used together with standard male and female sleeves. This Griptec® bridging assembly supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing is made of a threaded stud, a bridging coupler and a lock nut.

Typical Uses

  • For composite construction where concrete reinforcement bars must be welded to structural steel

Relevant Standards

  • AS/NZS 4671:2001 Steel reinforcing materials

To find out more about the steel Dextra Griptec® Weldable Couplers stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest bar shop.


Product GuideSuit Bar DiameterD (mm)L (mm)A (mm)C (mm)
GT12CW 12 2522124
GT16CW 16 3026165
GT20CW 20 38 28205
GT24CW 24 45 35 226
GT28CW 28 50 40 256
GT32CW 32 6045 287
GT36CW 36 65 47 328
GT40CPW 40 7550349

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