Stramit Condeck HP® Edgeforma


Stramit Condeck HP® Edgeforma

Condeck HP® Edgeforma supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing is part of the Stramit Condeck HP Composite Slab System. Used for Slab edging, the Edgeforma suits slabs up to 200mm.

Manufactured from high-strength galvanized steel, Condeck HP® Edgeforma is available in widths of 100–200mm and made-to-order lengths.

Typical Uses

  • Floor slab construction in residential, commercial and many industrial applications


  • Speeds up construction of slabs
  • Provides a time and money-saving solution
  • Manufactured from high-strength galvanized steel
  • Alternative material available for highly corrosive environments
  • Hinged Lapping – No need for side lap fasteners.
  • Flat Soffit – Flush fitting panels from an attractive ceiling ready for painting
  • Enclosed Ribs – No need for end closures
  • Stud Flexibility – No restrictions on placement of shear studs. Allow lighter beams

To find out more about the galvanized Stramit Condeck HP® Edgeforma stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest bar shop.


Condeck HP®  Edgeforma (Stramit)
Product CodeWidth (mm)Length (mm)
CEF100100Made to Order
CEF120120Made to Order
CEF125125Made to Order
CEF150150Made to Order
CEF180180Made to Order
CEF200200Made to Order

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