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Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declarations

InfraBuild's four EPDs (click to download):

Our core competencies in metallurgy, steel manufacture, supply chain, logistics, expert consultation and information management, support you in building Australia’s future.

InfraBuild is dedicated to conducting our business to global environmental, social and commercial standards. Our commitment to the environment includes optimising the eco-efficiency of our products through the product life-cycle.

This means increasing resource and energy efficiencies in the production and distribution of our products, and during the use of steel products. We are committed to the promotion of the recovery, reuse and recycling of steel and other products.

InfraBuild’s Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are independently verified and are premier contributors to our holistic commitment to the environmentally sustainable manufacture and application of our products.

Alongside our sustainable manufacturing practices, including the internationally adopted Polymer Injection Technology, and our technical product and application expertise and customisation, EPDs are another way we are here to help add value back to our customers and the wider industry.

Recognising our customers’ need and the increasing demand for standardisation and greater transparency around environmental performance, InfraBuild is proud to publish the sustainability credentials of our supply chain and products.

InfraBuild's EPDs comply with the requirements of a valid EPD recognised in the Green Star Design Rating Tool (Green Building Council of Australia) and the IS® Rating Tool (Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia).

Read how on the Sustainability Rating Tools page.

"Environmental Product Declarations are important as we strive to create sustainable practices for people. By providing the market with EPDs, InfraBuild is leading the way in the building materials sector and providing great value to sustainability professionals through accurate and reliable data."

— Romilly Madew, former Chief Executive Officer, Green Building Council of Australia

Visit the GBCA website.


"InfraBuild has demonstrated their commitment to a sustainable built environment with the development of EPDs for their construction projects. EPDs are recognised and rewarded in the IS® rating scheme as a means of transparently reporting the environmental impacts of construction materials. ISCA is committed to working with all parts of the supply chain to improve the sustainability outcomes of infrastructure in Australasia. We continue to drive the adoption of integrated outcomes based on social, economic and environmental practices - it's about more than just carbon emissions."

— Antony Sprigg, Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia

Visit the ISCA website.


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