DuraGal Flooring System™


Developed by InfraBuild Steel Centre, DuraGal Flooring System™ is a steel subfloor system utilising DuraGal Plus® tubular sections and fully galvanized fittings.

DuraGal Flooring System™ is assembled on site and requires no welding. Simple screwed connections make construction fast and easy. DuraGal Flooring System™ meets the industry durability guideline by including fully-galvanized Australian-manufactured tubular sections which are corrosion resistant and won’t rot, warp or twist. 

The strength of steel allows for greater spans and reduces the impact of site works and sediment control issues.

Easy to Install

DuraGal Flooring System™ uses high strength C450L0 grade galvanized DuraGalPLUS ZB 135/135 hollow sections. The sections are strong and lightweight making them easy to handle on site.

User Friendly

Requires only normal trade and electrical tools, no welding is involved. Fast and accurate leveling of the floor during or after construction is a great feature, and compensates for variations in the footings, now or later.

Commitment to Quality

InfraBuild Steel Centre’s commitment to quality means you can depend on DuraGal® products to deliver reliable and consistent quality to site. DuraGalPLUS products are Hot Dip Galvanized to Section 3, AS/NZS 4792 ZB 135/135 with a minimum average zinc coating of 135g/m2 on both the internal and external surfaces.

Economical & Versatile in Design

DuraGal Flooring System can help save money on site preparation costs by reducing the amount of site excavation, retaining walls and drainage. The wide range of products can accommodate an almost infinite number of flat and sloping site designs.

Note: DuraGal Flooring System™ requires independent engineering certification to determine compliance of site specific conditions with statutory requirements.

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