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Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declarations

Six updated EPDs (click to download) released by InfraBuild:

A revalidated and rebranded range of InfraBuild, Liberty Primary Steel and ARC Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) have recently been published by EPD Australasia.

The updated EPDs cover a range of Australian made steel products, manufactured, processed and distributed by InfraBuild, Liberty Primary Steel and ARC, who together form part of the GFG Alliance in Australia. All six EPDs supersede the original OneSteel and ARC EPDs published in November 2016.

As part of the GFG Alliance, InfraBuild is committed to creating a more sustainable future for industry and society. The EPDs are an important part of this commitment. The inclusion of Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) metrics for each product featured in the EPDs provides vital information for sustainability professionals as the business shifts to a more circular production model.

Developed in conjunction with thinkstep-anz and independently verified by start2see, each EPD has been updated in line with the required 5-year validity, including updated hotspot data covering over 95% of all impacts.

In recognising increasing customer demand for standardisation and greater transparency of our environmental performance, InfraBuild sees the publication of the sustainability credentials of its products as vitally important. The updated EPDs play a major role in the overall approach taken by the business through the environmentally sustainable manufacture and application of its products. 

InfraBuild's EPDs comply with the requirements of a valid EPD recognised in the Green Star Design Rating Tool (Green Building Council of Australia) and the IS® Rating Tool (Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia).


" Congratulations to InfraBuild on the release of a further six Environmental Product Declarations which transparently communicate the life cycle impact of these products. Infrabuild continue to take action that aligns with their organisational values and mission to drive nation-building infrastructure using local resources and more sustainable solutions."

Ainsley Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia

Visit the ISCA website.

“ EPD Australasia is delighted to see InfraBuild updating and launching a revised set of six EPDs to the market, after releasing their original EPDs in November 2016. With sustainability a key metric in the consideration of construction and infrastructure space, InfraBuild’s EPDs cover both structural steel and reinforcing steels used in these projects. InfraBuild should also be congratulated for leading the way by including Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) metrics in their EPDs that allows metrics to be introduced into discussions on the Circular Economy methodology.”

— Stephen MitchellChair, EPD Australasia

" InfraBuild has been an early leader in transparency with their commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030, and is showing an ongoing commitment to sustainability with their updated environmental product declarations. The new suite of EPDs clearly verify the sustainable solutions that InfraBuild are offering to the market."

Davina Rooney, Chief Executive Officer, Green Building Council of Australia

Visit the GBCA website.

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