Galvanized Chain Mesh Wire


Galvanized Chain Mesh Wire

InfraBuild Wire's Galvanized Chain Mesh Wire has been specifically developed to suit the majority of chain mesh machines. Its consistently high quality enables manufacturers to achieve improved machine efficiencies.

InfraBuild Steel's Galvanized and LifeMax® Wires are made to AS/NZS 4534 – ed Steel Wire Fencing Products for Terrestrial, Aquatic and General Use.

Our wire is woven into chain mesh fences that are widely used for industrial security, tennis courts, parks, safety fences on freeways, domestic and industrial fencing, etc.

Galvanized and LifeMax® Chain Mesh Specifications

InfraBuild Steel's Galvanized and LifeMax® Wires are made to AS/NZS 4534 – Zinc and zinc/ aluminium-alloy Coatings on Steel Wire and are offered in coating classes W02 through W25 in a range of diameters.

Heavily Galvanized and LifeMax Wires also comply with AS1725.1 – Chainlink Fabric Fencing - Part 1: Security Fences and Gates.

As galvanized wire is classified according to the amount of zinc coating, the following table outlines the difference between Standard Galvanized, Heavy Galvanized and LifeMax ® zinc/aluminium coated wire.

Nominal DiameterMinimum Coating Mass (g/m2)

Standard Galv.LifeMax®Heavy Galv.

over 1.55mm up to and incl 1.80mm35110200
over 1.80mm up to and incl. 2.24mm35120215
over 2.24mm up to and incl. 2.72mm40125230
over 2.72mm up to and incl. 3.15mm45130240
over 3.15mm up to and incl. 3.55mm50135250
over 3.55mm up to and incl. 4.25mm60140260

Diameter Tolerances

Nominal DiameterStandard Galv.Heavy Galv & LifeMax ®

over 1.00mm up to and incl. 1.60mm+/- 0.04mm+/- 0.05mm
over 1.60mm up to and incl. 2.50mm+/- 0.06mm+/- 0.06mm
over 2.50mm+/- 0.07mm+/- 0.08mm

Tensile Strength (MPa)

The tensile strength is the maximum load achieved in a tensile test divided by the cross-sectional area of the wire test piece. The tensile strength for all sizes of Galvanized Chain Mesh Wire is 380 to 500 MPa.

Steel Chemistry

Carbon0.05 max
Phosphorus0.03 max
Manganese0.05 max
Sulphur0.30 max

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