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We recycle, manufacture and distribute steel long products. We are Australia’s only fully vertically-integrated steel manufacturer spanning scrap metal recycling, steel manufacturing and downstream distribution.

Building futures through sustainable steel

  • We are a manufacturer of high quality steel and steel products.
  • We are making futures possible for all our stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, community and society.
  • We are a vertically-integrated steel maker and remain committed to the long-term positive action of creating lower embodied carbon steel.
  • We manufacture a product critical for nation building and human progress.

We are an Australian steel company with an international footprint.

We operate at more than 150 locations across Australia. Internationally we operate a manufacturing facility in Dalian, China, and scrap metal sites in Poland, the United States and Hong Kong.

We also have scrap metal traders in India, South Africa, Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

Our head office is in Sydney, Australia. 



The use of sustainable materials in modern Australian building construction is not negotiable. InfraBuild is redefining steel as a green building material and is helping companies everywhere improve the sustainability credentials of their projects.

InfraBuild is dedicated to conducting our business to global environmental, social and commercial standards. Our commitment to the environment includes optimising the eco-efficiency of our products through the product life-cycle.We are committed to the role played by steel in the circular economy, including the promotion of the recovery, reuse and recycling of steel and other products.

  • Provides an independently verified representation of the environmental impact of the InfraBuild product going into your project.
  • Complies with the requirements of a valid EPD that is recognised in the Green Star Design & As Built v1.3 and
    Innovation Challenge of Green Star legacy tools by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).
  • Complies with the requirements of IS® rating tool by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC).

InfraBuild Products & Services

InfraBuild Steel Centre is part of InfraBuild's Steel & Tube distribution stream.

Steel & Tube also includes three of our iconic service Brands: Midalia Steel, Tonkin Steel, and Steelforce.

SHS stands for square hollow section. RHS stands for rectangular hollow section. These two specific types of steel hollow sections are designed to provide a combination of strength and functionality which makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

SHS is square in shape and can be welded or joined to flat surfaces as easily as RHS steel. SHS can be used in applications where strength, functionality and aesthetic appeal is required.

RHS is rectangular in shape and requires minimal preparation prior to joining or welding to flat surfaces. This feature, together with its structural strength, makes RHS steel an economical and practical choice for the construction industry and civil engineering projects in all areas.

Yes, but we pay per weight and not 10c per item. 

Yes we do, email your local branch with your requirements for a free quote today.

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