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Industry expert on hydrogen advisory group

2 November 2021

A newly formed advisory group is contributing to Australia’s accelerating hydrogen industry.

The group is part of the CSIRO’s Hydrogen International Collaboration Program aimed at strengthening research connections, collaboration, and knowledge sharing between Australian and leading international hydrogen research organisations.

he advisory group will have representatives from across Australia’s industry supply chain, including InfraBuild Technical Superintendent, Andrea Fontana, who will be the voice of the iron and steelmaking industry. Andrea is an ideal representative – as Chair of the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (Australia) and from his work with the Swinburne University of Technology, part of the Steel Research Hub.

The CSIRO program is seeking to build domestic capability, drive innovation, and identify opportunities for further hydrogen research and commercialisation, as well as improve understanding of future hydrogen supply chains and markets and help harness the potential for an Australian clean hydrogen industry to grow our economy and create Australian jobs.

As a vertically integrated electric arc furnace scrap steel producer, clean hydrogen is the final phase of lowering our emissions – after the deployment of affordable renewable energy. The work of the group is aligned with InfraBuild’s efforts to participate in initiatives that support our journey to be a low emission, carbon neutral steel producer. This work has the potential to accelerate the development and implementation of new technologies that InfraBuild can benefit from as we pursue our CN30 objective

Participating in the group means Andrea will assist with providing strategic advice linking research and industry, identifying strategic priorities, building external connections and networks, and advocating on the important role hydrogen will play in Australia’s future.


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