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Maximising Storage Capacity at Steel Centre in Perth

13 July 2023

In 2014, InfraBuild Steel Centre in Perth revolutionised its operations with the installation of a cutting-edge Kasto machine. This state-of-the-art equipment has not only enhanced picking efficiency but also contributes to safety standards within the facility.

The Kasto machine has an impressive capacity of 2,272 cassettes, each capable of carrying up to 5 tonnes of product. This means that it can store up to 11,360 tonnes of product, which is equivalent to a sprawling area of 11,500 square meters of warehouse space.

Over the course of nearly a decade, the Kasto machine has proved instrumental in maximising storage capacity and achieving a remarkable 50% improvement in picking efficiency at the branch. This acquisition was a necessity for InfraBuild Steel Centre as it consolidated two metro distribution centres and sought a solution to bolster their picking efficiency.

The Kasto machine serves as a high-bay automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) that can house up to 10,000 pallets of steel and tube products. Its fully automated functionality eliminates the need for manual sorting, providing a seamless experience. By doing so, InfraBuild has witnessed significant enhancements in both picking efficiency and a reduction in safety incidents.

Importantly, the Kasto machine has important safety benefits for InfraBuild, as it eliminates the requirement for manual product sorting, reducing the risk of line-of-fire injuries. Consequently, the welfare of the workforce has been prioritised, ensuring a secure working environment.

Beyond efficiency and safety, the Kasto machine has taken InfraBuild's picking accuracy to unprecedented levels. Employing a sophisticated barcode scanning system, the machine guarantees the retrieval of the correct products. Moreover, its seamless integration with InfraBuild Steel Centre's inventory management system through SAP integration software further enhances accuracy and streamlines operations.