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R U OK? Day across InfraBuild

InfraBuild teams from across Australia showed their support for R U OK? Day 2023 by coming together over lunch, brunch and cupcakes, to highlight the importance of speaking up and reaching out about mental health.

Many also donned the loud and proud Trade Mutt conversation starter shirts, adding visuals to their voices. Half of the proceeds from the purchase of the shirts go to TIACS (This is a Conversation Starter) which is a free phone and text counselling service, offering mental health support to Australia’s blue-collar community including tradies, truckies and rural workers.

Two hundred staff also logged into a “R U OK?” Day webinar organised by the InfraBuild Safety team. Presented by accredited clinical psychotherapist and best-selling author, Mark Butler, who offered ideas about how, and better ways, to ask the “R U OK?” question.

Explaining that asking “R U OK?” can be a closed question that often leads to one-word yes or no responses, the presenter took participants through alternative, open questions, that can lead to more meaningful dialogue and tap into how people are really feeling.

Sharing that “Words really do matter”, Mark also recommended commencing the question with ‘I’. For example, “I just want to check in with you...” or “I feel like you may be struggling...”, as this helps show a genuine connection with the other person.

About “R U Ok?” Day

R U OK? Day is a national day of action that encourages all Australians to take the time to have a meaningful “R U OK?” with someone who may be struggling with life, to let that person feel supported and connected. Learn more at www.ruok.org.

Suggested alternative ways to ask “R U OK?”

  • “I just want to check in with you...”
  • “I feel like you may be struggling...”
  • “I'm wondering...”
  • “I'm curious...”
  • “I just want to check in with you...”
  • “I feel like you may be struggling...”
  • “I've noticed...”
  • “I've got a sense that you may be...”
  • “I feel concerned...”
  • “I'd like to know if we can help in some way...”
  • “I want to share with you...”
  • “I want you to know you are valued...”