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Safety and Performance Go Hand in Hand

29 July 2022

Steelmaking, historically, was a dangerous process and accidents were inevitable.

Today, the steel industry recognises this is no longer acceptable for an advanced industry that is fundamental to modern society.

At InfraBuild, we started on a new and focused safety journey over the last 12 months. Our safety roadmap, that we call WRIB Safe, has been rolled out and implemented throughout our business over the past year, and I’m very proud of the results we are starting to see.

We have notched up stellar safety results during FY22, which include the lowest TRIFR (Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate) ever recorded at 6.7. This is a 21% improvement on the FY21 result and it’s 38% better than FY20.

In addition, we have our lowest DART (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred) ever at 3.8%.

We have a way to go yet to reach our TRIFR goal of less than two by 2025, but we’re on the right path.

Improvements in safety should always be celebrated, regardless of the industry, and used to energise all to drive further improvements and avoid complacency.

But improvements like those we have don’t happen without concerted effort and focus.

We achieved our results through a multi-faceted strategy. The WRIB Safe Way roadmap, our health and safety governance and framework, was shared with all our leaders accompanied by an e-learning module.

We overhauled our WHS management system and standards, and methodically audited our sites as part of an assurance program.

A big highlight and success was our Safety Connect sessions run across our business. In FY22, 38% of our workforce completed this immersive behavioural safety training which empowers our employees to intervene and speak up if they see a colleague at-risk, and to report unsafe conditions.

This is all part of creating an interdependent workplace culture and a collective belief in our safety vision for our people and all members of the InfraBuild family – our customers, suppliers and partners in the communities in which operate – to be safe.

Every employee should be able to return home fit and well at the end of each workday. One injury is one too many.

On the rise

There is a well-known correlation between businesses that have improved safety metrics and financial performance.

Throughout FY22, while our safety metrics have improved, we’ve also seen strong financial performance.

Our published Q3 results showed the record performance in FY22 is continuing, and while I’m not placed yet to reveal our full year results, it’s fair to say the upward trend will continue. It will be a strong story to tell.

Each and every InfraBuild employee has played a part in the success of our business and operationalising our Good to Great strategy.

And in line with our improving and innovating continuously value, one we’ve lived as a business on a daily basis for more than 100 years, we will never stop trying to be better.


Vik Bansal
CEO and Managing Director InfraBuild

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