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Ancon® BT Headed Anchors


Ancon® BT Headed Anchors

 Ancon BT Headed Anchors supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing create an anchorage in the concrete, replacing the need for cogged or hooked bar ends. They can simplify  scheduling and bar placement, and reduce congestion in the concrete.

Designed for use on 12mm to 40mm reinforcing bars Ancon BT Headed Anchors are internally threaded with metric threads to suit the BT coupler system. They create a full strength joint, the mode of failure being bar break.

Typical Uses

  • Anchorage of reinforcement bars
  • Replaces the need for cogged or hooked bar ends by creating an anchorage in the concrete


  • Meets requirements of AS 3600:2018
  • Eliminates cogged and hooked bars
  • Minimises embedment lengths – reduces congestion

Relevant Standards

  • AS 3600 Concrete Structures

To find out more about the Ancon BT Headed Anchors stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing, please contact your nearest bar shop.

Product Code Suit Bar Size (mm) Length (mm) External Diameter (mm)
BTANCHOR12 12 16 38
BTANCHOR16 16 20 50
BTANCHOR20 20 24 64
BTANCHOR24 24 30 76
BTANCHOR28 28 33 89
BTANCHOR32 32 36 102
BTANCHOR36 36 42 114
BTANCHOR40 40 45 127