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Max Frank Stremaform® Standard


Max Frank Stremaform® Standard

Max Frank Stremaform® supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing is suitable for permanent formwork in floor slabs, ceilings and walls. The formwork lies between the continuous reinforcement layers so that there is no need to interrupt the reinforcement. An expanded metal welded beween the bars provides a rough surface that eliminates concrete scabbling.

Stremaform® is available in 100–1000mm heights and 2400mm lengths.

Typical Uses

  • Construction joints in deep slabs, hydrostatic slabs and composite slabs
  • High-strength column containment
  • Lost formwork in form slabs, ceilings and walls


  • Expanded metal welded between bars provides rough surface that eliminates concrete scabbling
  • Reinforcing bar continuity from one pour to another
  • A range of sizes are available

To find out more about the Stremaform® products stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest bar shop.

Product Code Height (mm) Length (mm) Mass* (kg)
STREMASTD0100 100 2400 2.4
STREMASTD0200 200 2400 4.1
STREMASTD0250 250 2400 4.5
STREMASTD0300 300 2400 5
STREMASTD0350 350 2400 6.2
STREMASTD0400 400 2400 6.6
STREMASTD0450 450 2400 7.1
STREMASTD0500 500 2400 8.3
STREMASTD0600 600 2400 9.2
STREMASTD1000 1000 2400 15.2