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Rediwall® Accessories (AFS Systems)


Rediwall® Accessories (AFS Systems)

AFS Rediwall® supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing is a permanent PVC formwork system. Depending on the selected profile, the extruded components of the AFS Rediwall® system either simply snap or slide into place. They automatically interconnect for rapid assembly and achieve an attractive, low-maintenance wall surface.

Rediwall® requires almost no machinery-aided installation. With its high quality semi-gloss finish it requires no additional finishing for most applications. It’s suitable as a tough, low-maintenance load-bearing solution for building subterranean structures such as basements and retention tanks. It can also be utilised for overhead applications such as party walls, columns and retaining walls.

Typical uses

  • Load-bearing solution for building subterranean structures (basements, blade walls, retention tanks, carparks)
  • Overhead applications (such as party walls, columns, retaining walls)


  • High-quality, semi-gloss finish
  • Automatic interconnection
  • Offer a low-maintenance wall surface
  • Requires almost no machinery-aided installation
  • Offers savings on time and labour costs
Product Code Description Length (mm) Mass (kg)
RW110FCS3000 110mm Fibre Cement Strip 3000 5.57
RW156FCS3000 156mm Fibre Cement Strip 3000 8.06
RW200FCS3000 200mm Fibre Cement Strip 3000 10.44
RW256FCS3000 256mm Fibre Cement Strip 3000 13.47
RWBRACE1500 Brace 1500 0.6
RWBRACE3000 Brace 3000 0.8
RWBRACE4500 Brace 4500 1.35
RWSCREW Screw 1.2
RWSA Squint Angle As required