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Project Management and Contracting options

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Project management

Keeping projects on time and on budget is a constant challenge for any building project. What separates InfraBuild Reinforcing from other steel reinforcing suppliers is our ability to provide experienced reinforcing project managers to large and complex civil, commercial and residential projects. Most of our project managers have either an engineering background or extensive industry experience (and in most cases, both), which ensures they can provide unparalleled advice when it comes to solving challenging issues.

Contracting options

InfraBuild Reinforcing is able to tailor our quoting, pricing and invoicing to suit the way you manage your project. Only need a schedule of rates to submit a tender? We can provide that for you. Looking for more certainty to manage your project budget? We can provide lump sum pricing or square metre rates in order that you have greater certainty and peace of mind when your project commences. Perhaps you would like the headache of managing the reinforcing delivery and installation, contracted to another party? InfraBuild Reinforcing can also provide you with a lump sum supplied and installed price – ensuring that the price you get from us is fixed (subject to variations), which means no nasty budget overruns for you.

Lump sum pricing

Reinforcing steel costing is notoriously difficult to get right, which can often lead to cost blow outs for this component of your build. InfraBuild Reinforcing has a number of skilled estimators who have the expertise to calculate in detail the quantity of reinforcing you require, including associated accessories.  All we will require are adequately detailed engineering and architectural drawings.

Supply and fix

If managing steel fixing is an activity you’d rather do without, then contact InfraBuild Reinforcing to understand how we can help you. InfraBuild Reinforcing has a long track record of being able to provide both the reinforcing material and labour to projects both large and small. We are also able to bundle our supply and fix offer into a lump sum price, so you get the benefits of having the steel fixing and reinforcing supply managed by the same contractor also the certainty that a fixed lump sum price provides. By having InfraBuild Reinforcing manage the whole reinforcing process, you can be confident that your project can stay on time and on budget.

To discuss any of these options further please contact your local InfraBuild Reinforcing Bar Shop.