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Hinge Joint Fencing – Rural Products


Cyclone Hinge Joint for Farm Fencing

InfraBuild Steel Centre supplies the Cyclone Hinge Joint prefabricated fence, an excellent all-purpose farm fence ideal for undulating ground and designed for fast installation.

Hinge Joint fencing is designed to flex under pressure, enabling it to be pulled back into position when minor damage occurs, thereby reducing maintenance and costly repairs.

Cyclone Hinge Joint wire is available in a variety of sizes to suit most applications and is manufactured in standard gal 2.5mm wire, as well as the Cyclone Supertough in a 2.5mm Lifewire with a 2.8mm top and bottom wire designed to reduce the need for salvage wires.

The following example can be applied to all hinge joint sizes:

7/90/30 – This signifies seven horizontal wires with graduated spacing, a 90cm fence height and vertical picket spacings of 30cm.

Typical Uses

  • Rural fencing and farm fencing
  • Farm gates


  • Available in a range of line wire and spacing combinations

Relevant Standards

  • AS 2423: Galvanized wire fencing products.

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