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Melbourne Cricket Ground

1 January 2015

InfraBuild Construction Solutions worked closely with Grocon when they undertook the challenging task of redeveloping the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This landmark project had a tight schedule with multiple stages, to coincide with time-critical deadlines associated with key sporting events.  

 As speed and efficiency were the key drivers in the choice of construction, Grocon combined several modular building techniques. The hybrid construction strategy comprised of hollowcore precast concrete floor slabs and BONDEK® steel decking, precast concrete sealing plates, precast concrete columns and post-tension reinforced concrete beams.  

 “On a project like this where we were focused on time, BAMTEC® played a key role in helping keep construction rolling along” Steve Richardson, Grocon 

 InfraBuild Construction Solutions played a key role facilitating this hybrid approach by providing time & cost-efficient reinforcing solutions for the various systems being used. In addition to prefabricating hundreds of steel reinforcing cages for post-tensioned reinforced concrete beams and load transfer walls, a bespoke BAMTEC® design was created for most of the horizontal elements in the project.  

 Hollowcore precast concrete floor slabs presented a number of challenges as this would traditionally require heavy & hard to handle sheets of mesh, trimmed to the curved shape of the profile required. The circular nature of the grandstand required InfraBuild Construction Solutions to design a bespoke BAMTEC® design, deviating from the standard square shape. All circumferential BAMTEC® carpets were detailed in a wedge shape with up to 80 different bar lengths in a single carpet. As BAMTEC® is the world’s fastest steelfixing system this solution helped the builder meet the challenging project deadlines. 

Video courtesy of Grocon