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Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

1 January 2015

As one of the largest and most complex construction projects in Australia, the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) set a new benchmark in design and construction. Spanning 130,000 sqm of floor space across 13 levels with over 25,000 sqm of specialised research space designed to house 1200 medical researchers, the project cost $1.2 billion. 

 Since timing was one of the key performance indicators for both Grocon and the VCCC’s patients, InfraBuild Construction Solutions was tasked to provide a suite of unique and innovative prefabrication solutions support Grocon to achieve its tight construction program. 

“Some of the key benefits of working with [InfraBuild] is that you can reduce your onsite construction time, with the end result being a unit that we can simply lift off the truck directly into position, and then we can walk away with it being all complete.” David Dewars, Structural Coordinator, Grocon 

All the columns for the VCCC were prefabricated and purpose-built by InfraBuild Construction Solutions in their facility. To ensure the elements were perfect once delivered to site, Grocon was allowed access to InfraBuild’s site to make small tweaks as required. By coordinating as much as possible, any potential issues were dealt with before anything arrived to site, reducing the risk of lost time. 

 Once onsite, installing the elements was as simple as lifting from the truck and placing them over the starter bars below. While this represents a significant time-saving in comparison to conventional steel fixing, the WHS benefits were also essential to Grocon and their core safety values. The use of prefabrication significantly limited the exposure of Grocon employees to working at height and the associated WHS risks. In utilising prefabrication, Grocon sourced not only a reinforcing solution but a solution to their time and safety requirements.  

Video courtesy of Grocon and Engineers Australia