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Citywide Precast

1 January 2015

Key Information

Converting to BARMAT® has benefited Citywide Precast with savings on wastage to vastly improving efficiency. BARMAT® Class N Reinforcing Mats are an innovative solution from InfraBuild Construction Solutions, prefabricated mats customised with variable spacing and in a variety of shapes including 3D designs. BARMAT® can be produced to exact client specifications to enable faster installation, reduced labour and steel fixing costs, less off cuts and wastage and can also contribute to Green Star steel credit points for optimal offsite prefabrication. 

 BARMAT® improved efficiency in several areas for Citywide as the mats are bespoke with no wastage and no lapping, made to the exact requirements through electronically transferring shop drawings. BARMAT® is automatically welded and comes to their premises ready to drop in the mould. 

“BARMAT® adds to our efficiency in several areas because we’re not cutting fabric, we’re not casting fabric and we’re not manually tying the steel together.” Allan Evans, Precast Engineer – Citywide Precast

BARMAT® easily meet the needs of both engineers and architects as Allan Evans, Precast Engineer – Citywide Precast, explains “As projects are becoming more complex, project engineers want more reinforcement in the panels but the architect still wants a 186 panel or a 206 panel. With the lapping of reinforcement it becomes very difficult to fit all the reinforcement that the project engineer wants into the panel thickness that the architect wants, so with one piece of steel it makes it a lot simpler and we can maintain the correct cover to reinforcement.” 

 From their central operations plant located South East of Melbourne in Hallam, Citywide Precast have built an enviable reputation Australia-wide for excellence in creating diverse precast concrete products. These include natural exposed, coloured and textured architectural panels for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Citywide Precasts’ skills have been enlisted on visually spectacular constructions such as the Abito apartments in Fitzroy, the Carlton Apartments and the Western Heights College and Gordon TAFE in Geelong, along with many other small to multi-million dollar projects for both the government and private sectors.