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Pandrol success story

1 January 2017

Key Information

InfraBuild has made huge improvements in product identification and scanning solutions recently. 

InfraBuild (formerly LIBERTY), in partnership with GS1 Australia, has standardised product identification and scanning processes to improve productivity and customer quality outcomes. An example is a 10-minute reduction in truck turnaround times at the InfraBuild Sydney Bar Mill Warehouse. The project’s success is demonstrated by how InfraBuild and its customer, Pandrol, have seen significant improvements in productivity and quality across operations. 

Pandrol’s processes around receipt of goods, inventory management and product traceability have dramatically improved. Both businesses worked closely with GS1 Australia to deliver an open-standard solution that is industry compatible and cost-effective. It’s a great story on how working collaboratively and smartly has delivered cost-effective solutions and created tangible business and customer benefits.

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