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2023 National Recycling Week

13 November 2023

What goes around comes around

Each year, the second week of November heralds National Recycling Week. For us at InfraBuild, recycling is very important as steel is infinitely recyclable. 

Australians are really good when it comes to recycling metals. Around 87% of metals are recycled and the good news is that every bit of metal that is recycled means fewer tonnes going to landfill. 

The theme for National Recycling Week this year is What Goes Around Comes Around. It is a very pertinent theme for us.  

No matter how many times we make steel into a product, it can be recycled, scrapped and turned into a new steel product, again and again. 

InfraBuild has 26 recycling sites across Australia where we accept metal from households, local government, mining, demolition, automotive and waste companies. In the past year, we have recovered around 1.4 million tonnes of recycled metals and turned them into new products – and that is great for the environment. 

This year as part of National Recycling Week, we have also launched an education campaign about the hidden dangers of lithium batteries if they are not recycled correctly. 

Lithium-ion batteries have sparked several recent fires in garbage trucks and waste management sites, due to these batteries being improperly discarded. 

As the popularity of portable electronic devices and electric vehicles surges, we need to make sure the community knows the risk these batteries pose to our facilities and the environment if not recycled correctly.  

The good news is these batteries can be recycled safely at battery recycling locations. You can find one closest to you at www.recyclingnearyou.com.au/batteries/  

In time for National Recycling Week, we have a great video to share of the role InfraBuild plays in recovering and recycling metals. Enjoy it. 

Keep recycling and stay safe,   

Francisco Irazusta  
CEO & Managing Director

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