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Construction’s digital frontier

11 November 2021

Digital technologies and their rapid uptake in the Australian reinforcing industry are transforming the sector. For roles such as engineers, project managers and schedulers working on reinforcing projects, skills across these new digital technologies have become an essential.

“The current COVID situation is fuelling use of digital options for project documentations, overseas and interstate services and advanced working options in the construction industry like never before.”

InfraBuild’s reinforcing team is embracing the potential of digitally-enabled construction. When Pranav arrived in Australia in 2012 and began working with InfraBuild he was struck by the lack of uptake in the Australian reinforcing industry in terms of software use, 3D modelling and digital transactions.

“Compared to my working experience on Scandinavian projects, the Australian reinforcement industry was observed to be extremely behind” says Pranav.

However, things have changed.

“Massive changes have been observed over the past three years in pre-engineering work requirements on projects, engineers’ approach to handle site activities, demand for 3D modelling of reinforcement, clash detection, value management … [the] Australian industry is rapidly catching up with BIM technology like the rest of the world,” Pranav explains.

Over the course of his career Pranav has developed a broad knowledge of software applications. From applications used on structural projects, for framing, load calculations and analysis along with those used in the reinforcing industry for 2D detailing like CadsRC, RebarCAD and software used for 3D modelling like Allplan and Trimble.

“Increased use of 3D modelling, pre-engineering activities, smart products like prefab, including engineering mesh like BARMAT®, and BAMTEC®, a Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement solution, will reduce hassles on site while fixing reinforcement, optimise man hours, and minimise wastage.”

From his beginnings as a junior site engineer, structural design engineer, reinforcement detailer, scheduler and checker on projects in the US, UK and Sweden, Pranav has brought his vast knowledge, developed over 17 years to the InfraBuild business.

His wealth of experience has made a significant contribution to InfraBuild’s reinforcing’s capabilities over the past nine years and outcomes across multiple landmark projects including, Perth’s Optus Stadium, refurbishment of the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, and more recently as Project Engineer on the West Gate Tunnel Project (WGTP).

It was this last project, where he led a team of schedulers, prefab detailers, project coordinators and project engineers, coordinating with production and QA teams, which made the greatest impact on Pranav.

“The West Gate Tunnel Project really enriched my experience in multiples. Almost three years work experience on this project is one of the most important milestones in my career journey and possibly the reason for my promotion to a new position as a Project Manager.”

In his role as Project Manager and in his previous roles which have led to his recent promotion, Pranav has developed his skillset and honed his abilities. Often as the most experienced member on a team, Pranav is helping to mentor other team members.

“This position gives me the opportunity to use my experience, knowledge and skills to the best of my ability.”

Pranav’s skillset covers all aspects of reinforcing design, construction and scheduling. From a thorough knowledge of technical data and interpreting engineering drawings, to applying innovative solutions, stakeholder management, process optimisation and team management, Pranav is using his skills to build better processes, products and in turn a better business.

He is also aware of emerging trends in the sector, trends which InfraBuild Reinforcing is already taking steps to address.

“Accurate and efficient supply of reinforcement by suppliers will be a major factor in the future. InfraBuild is focused on building a strong in-house team of skilled engineers with reinforcement experience.”

Dedicated to a future with InfraBuild, Pranav in his role, continues to make improvements every step of the way and contributing to our mission – building futures through sustainable steel – every day.

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