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Empowering future leaders of InfraBuild

22 June 2023

Our first cohort of women from our Discover Leadership Program graduated yesterday, concluding their studies with a presentation at Head Office in front of the Executive team and other senior leaders.

The participants, who are senior leaders from across our business, all have diverse backgrounds which range from IT, finance, supply chain, operations, customer service, legal and commercial services.

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact lasts in your absence,” said Maggie Boutros, Senior Legal Counsel.  “I am looking forward to taking the learnings from the Discover program and putting it into practice in the workplace”.

Discover was an opportunity to leverage my strength, increase my resilience, engage with mentors and sponsors and build my network”, said Roza Bronshtein, Supply Chain Business Partner at InfraBuild. “It was really great to participate in such a powerful program”.

They were selected as part of our talent program and participated in a four-month program that was designed to accelerate their careers and enable them to lead with purpose as they navigate the changing workplace.

“The insights and practical strategies I have acquired from this program are truly invaluable. They will play a vital role in navigating the challenges and complexities of leadership” said Pooja Bhatt, Supply Chain Business Partner at InfraBuild.

“The knowledge and skills I have gained through Discover have enhanced my abilities as a leader and will enable me to drive tangible results through my team’s performance.

I feel empowered to inspire, motivate and lead my team to achieve our organisations objectives,” said Pooja.

Congratulations to all our Discover Leadership Program candidates on an exceptional achievement!

Our next leadership program, Xplore, targets our early-career female employees, typically around 5+ years of career experience.

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