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From the CEO

29 November 2023

Since we became InfraBuild around five years ago, our drive has been on becoming a business focused on sustainability through our Carbon Neutral 2030 ambitions.

The true credit to our success across the last five years has been our people. For the past five years we have held our employee engagement at a strong score of around 7.2, showing our colleagues are engaged in not just our work but our future ambitions.

We have also become a safer organisation. Since 2019 our total recordable injury frequency rate – or TRIFR for short – has decreased 60 per cent from 15.7 down to 5.9 at the end of 30 June this year.

This safe and engaged workplace has also seen our company perform strongly across the past five years. Our revenue has grown by more than 40% and we have seen a ninefold increase in our net profit after tax.

Our solid performance is very important, not just to us as an organisation, but also for the communities in which we operate. InfraBuild has thousands of suppliers, including some First Nations suppliers, that we regard as important partners in our operations. The majority of these are small businesses and each payment we make to them goes towards helping support their business and employ their staff.

InfraBuild is a significant employer as well. We employ more than 5,000 people and our support is not just through wages. We also give back to our communities whether that is through the company and payroll taxes we pay to governments, or the many volunteering and fundraising activities our people undertake in their communities.

At the same time, we have been continually reinvesting back into InfraBuild. Around $434 million across the last five years has been invested back into the business to drive our Carbon Neutral 2030 ambitions, deliver innovation, customer services, productivity and operational improvements.

The second week of November each year is National Recycling Week and at InfraBuild it is something we are proud to support. We have a great video which shows how key metal recycling is to our business.

Please take a look:

Finally, as the end of year approaches, on behalf of everyone at InfraBuild I want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and wonderful end of year season.


All the best and stay safe,


Francisco Irazusta

CEO, InfraBuild

5Yr Performance Infographic

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