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InfraBuild shines a light on renewable energy in the Steel Industry at ASI 2023

12 September 2023

Our Chief Financial Officer Geoff Feurtado has told the Australian Steel Institute Convention renewable energy has presented the steel industry with an enormous opportunity. 

Speaking in Melbourne yesterday, Mr Feurtado said steelmakers and the industry needed to be ready to take advantage of the push towards a carbon neutral future. 

Change has been a constant in the Australian steel industry and we have proven we have not only the ability to respond but how to leverage change as an opportunity to grow and diversify,” Mr Feurtado said.

“The opportunity as Australia navigates the pathway to a prosperous low emissions economy, over the coming decade, and beyond, will be one of our most significant.”

AEMO has found a large acceleration in investment is required if renewables are to increase to 80% of the National Energy Market by 2030.

“Industry now has to be ready for the acceleration as Government seeks to catch up.”

Mr Feurtado cited the massive amounts of steel required for every wind farm and every solar facility and the growing appetite among industry for third party accreditation to demonstrate we are a responsible and transparent sector

GECA announced in August select reinforcing bar and reinforcing mesh products had been independently certified as meeting the requirements of GECA’s Steel & Steel Products (SSPv1.0i-2019) lifecycle ecolabel standard. 

The convention heard from multiple speakers about the need to also address the skills shortage.

“One of the capabilities required to realise the opportunity before us is that we must have access to people, a skilled workforce that is ready and is also capable to operate safely,” Mr Feurtado said. 

“InfraBuild continues to invest in the journey… through dedicated leadership programs and broader conversations on an inclusive workplace.” 

“I will leave it with each of you in the room though to have a think about and ponder on what you are doing.”

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