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Update from Francisco – April

24 April 2024

At InfraBuild, innovation and sustainability go to the heart of our business, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our business and ensure we are minimising our impact on the environment.

A recent way we have been encouraging ideas through an innovation challenge, where teams of employees pitched their ideas to the InfraBuild Executive Committee. All these proposals were great, but the one that caught our attention the most was using AI to better assist in a range of applications in the business. Clearly an area of focus for our business and industry.

Last month, the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix roared through the street-track in Melbourne. What you might not realise is that InfraBuild has helped played a part in the racetrack of both the Melbourne track and Adelaide Supercar track.

Slag from our Electric Arc Furnaces has been used as part of an extensive renovation of Melbourne’s Albert Park racing surface back in 2022 as well as the Adelaide 500 track.

Slag is produced when molten steel is separated from molten silicates and oxides, which forms a type of artificial rock when cooled. It can then be crushed and screened to various sizes for a range of uses, including in asphalt.

Using the by-product of our EAF steel making for other purposes is just one of the sustainability innovations we have undertaken at InfraBuild.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at a recent Green Building Council of Australia event about our ambitions to be Carbon Neutral by 2030.

This includes having our Electric Arc Furnaces powered by renewable energy as a way of lowering the amount of C02 emissions per tonne of steel we produce. As part of our Carbon Neutral 2030 ambitions, InfraBuild wants to be producing Australia’s lowest-embodied carbon steel.

InfraBuild is already on this path today, manufacturing new steel from 100% recycled scrap steel that uses around 16.7% fewer raw materials but has the equivalent strength as our existing steel, our SENSE Solutions range.

We are excited to be developing some of the greenest steel in Australia as we are on our journey of building futures through sustainable steel.

Stay safe,

Francisco Irazusta
CEO, InfraBuild

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