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InfraBuild wins World Steel Association safety culture and leadership award

18 October 2023

InfraBuild has been recognised by the World Steel Association for its commitment to safety.

The World Steel Association commended several members including Liberty Steel and InfraBuild at an event in Shanghai attended by CEO Francisco Irazusta.

The award for “transforming safety culture and performance through human performance principles” followed a decision in 2019 to reshape the safety culture through a comprehensive road map named “the WRIB Safe Way” program.

That program is built on the pillars (1) enabling performance; (2) critical incident prevention; (3) interdependent safety culture; and (4) fit for work and fit for life. Find out more about the pillars here.

Since its implementation there has been a 63 percent improvement in the total recordable injury frequency rate (TFIR) and 30 percent reduction in critical (life-threatening) incidents since 2021.

90 percent of the workforce has also participated in the behavioural safety program Safety Connect.

Additionally, one in every four employees across the company (including office staff) has intervened and reported at least one at-risk behaviour over the past 12 months.

Head of Safety Fran Nores said the fundamental mission of our safety program is to reduce the risk of fatalities and serious permanent disabilities.

“The CEO and executive team own and lead our safety program, and have committed to create a world-class safety culture that prioritises the health, safety, and welfare of all our people” Mr Nores said.

“This journey has also helped us to reinforce with our entire workforce, the purpose of everything we do in safety, which is that everyone has something or someone to go home to, and that’s the reason why we have to look after each other.”

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