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LOKPOD is on the move 

23 November 2023

Over the past quarter, ARC Reinforcing (a brand of InfraBuild) has been on the move, expanding LOKPOD’s footprint across our Australian distribution network.

LOKPOD is a sustainable, environmentally friendly replacement for polystyrene, which comes with an in-built chairing system, eliminating the need for traditional bar chairs and spacers in concrete slabs. It’s revolutionising the way residential slabs are built and saving Aussie home builders time in the process.

We've successfully wrapped up trials in New South Wales, Victoria, and marked a milestone with our first LOKPOD slab in Townsville, Queensland.

Across the last month we’ve also hosted LOKPOD Launch events in Wodonga, Wagga Wagga, and Orange.

The response from the home building community has been genuinely exciting. These events gave us a chance to connect directly with our partners and customers, gaining priceless insights into how LOKPOD can best serve their needs and seamlessly incorporate into projects.

We're on this journey together, working towards a future that's efficient and sustainable. So, stay tuned for more updates on LOKPOD's journey!

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