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Traceability – our quality guarantee 

26 March 2024

Sporting venues, high rises, bridges and tunnels – you name it – the products and materials InfraBuild manufactures are found in infrastructure used by millions of Australians every day.  

And for the safety of those Aussies, it’s important that we not only produce goods of the highest possible quality but also ensure the right goods are delivered to the customer. 

This includes being able to show the customer that the products they specified – those they’ve selected as fit-for-purpose – are what is delivered to them. This is where traceability comes in. 

Traceability is the ability to map or trace every stage of a product or material’s journey along its supply chain, from its raw state through its processing and production, and distribution into the customer’s hands. Data collection along the whole journey might seem like a thankless task but ultimately, it’s part of our quality guarantee. InfraBuild’s ability to show the journey of our steel through its manufacturing process puts us ahead of the game.  

It allows us to demonstrate to the construction industry that we manufacture quality and structurally sound products, and what we have delivered to their site is exactly what they have ordered, building our customer’s trust in our products and InfraBuild as a business. 

Simplifying traceability data collection 

InfraBuild is committed to the traceability of our products by streamlining the collection of information process this includes; implementing an automated laser billet marking system at our Sydney Melt Shop, and a pilot program of RFID product tags and readers and robotic tagging machines at the Sydney Steel Mill.

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