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Diamond ® Dowels Black/Galvanized – Reinforcing Dowels – Danley™


Diamond® Reinforcing Dowels – Galvanized/Black – Danley™

Danley™ Diamond® Reinforcing Dowels in galvanized and black finish supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing are a high-load capacity plate that minimises differential deflection between the concrete slabs and allows two-directional movement in the horizontal plane. The flange on the sleeve ensures the dowel is perpendicular to the form board and is stable.

Danley™ Diamond® Reinforcing Dowels supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing have colour-coded one-piece PVC sleeves and are ideal for perimeter-of-pour dowel applications at construction joints. Supplied with fixing nails, Danley™ Diamond® Dowels are available in galvanized and black in size 110 x 110mm with plate thicknesses of 6mm and 10mm for a variety of steel reinforcement applications.

Typical Uses

  • Perimeter-of-pour dowel applications at construction joints


  • Colour coded one-piece PVC sleeves
  • Minimise differential deflection between slabs
  • Allow two directional movement in the horizontal plane
  • Flange on sleeve ensures dowel is perpendicular to form board and is stable
  • Supplied with fixing nails
  • Also available in Stainless Steel

To find out more about the Danley™ Diamond® Reinforcing Dowels stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing, please contact your nearest bar shop.

Diamond® Dowels Black (Danley™)
Product Code Colour Plate Thickness Size (mm) No. Per Box Mass/Box (kg)
DDDBLNP6 Orange 6 110 x 110 25 16
DDDBLNP10 Blue 10 110 x 110 15 15
Diamond® Dowels Galvanized (Danley™)
Product Code Colour Plate Thickness (mm) Size (mm) No. Per Box Mass/Box (kg)
DDDGNP6 Orange 6 110 x 110 25 16
DDDGNP10 Blue 10 110 x 110 15 15