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Key Joint System – Danley™


Key Joint System by Danley™

Danley™ preformed metal key joints supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing enable loads to be transferred between adjoining concrete slabs while allowing lateral movement and limiting differential vertical movement between the slabs. Danley™ Key Joints incorporate a unique drive’n’ twist stake system to make installation simple and provide a more uniform joint line at a fraction of the cost of conventional formwork.

Knock-outs provide for placement of square dowels. Ideal for light traffic areas, Danley™ Key Joints are available with capping for 3mm recess, 10mm recess or permanent capping with Rip-A-Strip. They are available in heights of 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm and lengths of 3m and 6m.

Typical Uses

  • Light traffic areas


  • Enables transfer of vertical loads across the joints between slabs
  • Allows lateral movement between the slabs, but limits vertical differential movement between the slabs
  • Allows continuous concrete placement with preformed internal joints
  • Incorporates drive-and-twist stake system
  • Knock-outs provide for placement of square dowels
  • Capping available for 3mm recess, 10mm recess, or permanent capping with Rip-A-Strip™ (sold separately)

To find out more about the Danley™ Key Joints products stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest bar shop.

Key Joint
Product Code Height (mm) Length (m)
KJD3100 100 3
KJD3125 125 3
KJD3150 150 3
KJD3200 200 3
KJD3250 250 3
KJD6100 100 6
KJD6125 125 6
KJD6150 150 6
KJD6200 200 6
Key Joint – Stakes
Product Code Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Suit Key Joint (mm) No. Per Pack
KJDPEG3 10 350 100 – 150 8
KJDPEG4 10 450 200 8
KJDPEG5 10 550 250 8
Key Joint – Capping
Description Colour Width (mm) Set Down (mm) Length (m)
DRASB Permanent (Rip-A-Strip) Black 13 2 25
DRASG Permanent (Rip-A-Strip) Grey 13 2 25
KJDCAPR10 Removable – Standard Black 10 3 25
KJDCAPR12 Removable – Block Black 12 10 25