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Stramit Condeck HP® Edgeforma


Stramit Condeck HP® Edgeforma

Condeck HP® Edgeforma supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing is part of the Stramit Condeck HP Composite Slab System. Used for Slab edging, the Edgeforma suits slabs up to 200mm.

Manufactured from high-strength galvanized steel, Condeck HP® Edgeforma is available in widths of 100–200mm and made-to-order lengths.

Typical Uses

  • Floor slab construction in residential, commercial and many industrial applications


  • Speeds up construction of slabs
  • Provides a time and money-saving solution
  • Manufactured from high-strength galvanized steel
  • Alternative material available for highly corrosive environments
  • Hinged Lapping – No need for side lap fasteners.
  • Flat Soffit – Flush fitting panels from an attractive ceiling ready for painting
  • Enclosed Ribs – No need for end closures
  • Stud Flexibility – No restrictions on placement of shear studs. Allow lighter beams

To find out more about the galvanized Stramit Condeck HP® Edgeforma stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest bar shop.

Condeck HP®  Edgeforma (Stramit)
Product Code Width (mm) Length (mm)
CEF100 100 Made to Order
CEF120 120 Made to Order
CEF125 125 Made to Order
CEF150 150 Made to Order
CEF180 180 Made to Order
CEF200 200 Made to Order