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InfraBuild Recycling

A major metals recycling supply chain that provides a significant contribution to the raw material requirements of the steel industry and a sustainable alternative to landfills.

InfraBuild Recycling is a major supplier of recycled steel to domestic and international steel mills. InfraBuild Recycling specialises in the safe handling, collection and processing of more than 1.4 million tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal every year, distributing it to InfraBuild Steel’s Australian steel mills and international customers.

InfraBuild Recycling is a significant contributor to the raw material requirements of Australia’s steel industry and provides a sustainable alternative to landfill, capturing the full value-in-use of the materials recycled.

InfraBuild Recycling operates nationally from 26 locations in Australia as well as from three in Asia, and has six trading offices in key supply and sales market regions across the globe. InfraBuild plans to increase its use of locally sourced ferrous scrap metal to supply InfraBuild Steel’s electric arc furnaces enabling the manufacture of new steel products for distribution through its downstream supply chain.

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