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It’s Global Recycling Day – Bring us your good, your bad and your ugly! 

18 March 2024

It’s Global Recycling Day and InfraBuild is encouraging everyone in the community to recycle their old steel products. 

Steel is infinitely recyclable. All metal goods – everything including the kitchen kettle, washing machine and hills hoist can be recycled and given another life. 

InfraBuild Recycling sites around Australia source around 1.4 million tonnes of scrap metal every year and all of our recycling yards offer free drop-off for scrap steel such as tin, wire, roofing, hot water systems, white goods and electrical waste. 

Our recycling facilities then sort and process the scrap metal which is then sent to InfraBuild steel mills. That scrap is fed into our electric arc furnaces to create new steel products. 

Global Recycling Day gives us all an opportunity to help extend the lifecycle of steel, ensure scrap is available for reuse and importantly, keep metals out of landfill. 

Fires from lithium batteries have increased in recent years so please ensure lithium batteries are removed from steel products and are disposed of at lithium battery collection points

As the world moves to a greener future, recycling by all of us – every household and business – is essential to help preserve our communities, environment, and planet for generations to come. 

Find an InfraBuild Recycling Centre near you: https://www.infrabuild.com/branch-locator/  

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