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Recycling lithium batteries

14 November 2023

InfraBuild is highlighting the hidden dangers of not disposing of lithium batteries properly, as National Recycling Week gets underway.

Lithium-ion batteries have sparked several recent fires in locations which range from car parks to garbage trucks and a Sydney hostel.

The batteries are used in a wide range of products which include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, household appliances and tools, personal transportation devices such as e-bikes and e-scooters as well as e-vehicles.

InfraBuild Executive General Manager Recycling Paul Zuckerman said scrap recycling sites are also at risk, with protocols in place for identifying lithium batteries and responding to incidents.

“As the popularity of portable electronic devices and electric vehicles surges we need to make sure the community knows the risk these batteries pose not only to our facility, but also to our people and the environment,” Mr Zuckerman said.

"That’s why we’re launching an education campaign to make sure people know how to dispose of lithium batteries properly, so they don’t end up at our recycling centres and we prevent fires before they happen.”

“Undamaged batteries can be safely disposed of at a battery recycling drop off point, it’s also wise to tape terminals and store batteries properly.”

For locations and more information visit the Planet Ark website.

National Recycling Week runs from the 13th to the 19th of November.

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